Relgious Producer Likes Talk Radio, Not Hollywood

Outside of the speeches by the Republican candidates at the Family Research Council Values Voter summit, one of the most memorable things I heard was said during a panel called "The Producers: Christian Filmmakers’ Golden Touch on the Silver Screen."

Dave Alan Johnson, the creator of a show called "Doc" starring Billy Ray Cyrus and writer of various episodes of a show called "Renegade," in which Lorenzo Lamas plays a do-gooder biker, cited an unspecified poll in which he said Americans were asked if they though adultery was bad. He said 96 percent of Americans thought so. When the same question was put to Hollywood producers, directors and creative types, he said, only 16 percent thought adultery was bad. Then he said 99 percent of Hollywood producers wanted more programming that was critical of Judeo-Christian values.

Calling on the audience to demand more family-friendly media, Johnson said "I shudder to think what this country would be like without talk radio." Relgious Producer Likes Talk Radio, Not Hollywood