Remains of the Day: Frankenstein, Elvis, Batman

  • Troy Patterson at Slate parses the weirdness of the Owen-Wes MySpace interview. “[P]erhaps [it’s] just a touchingly awkward attempt to shill a movie while a parade of unacknowledged elephants pirouette through the room."
  • The cast and crew of the Frankenstein musical (not to be confused with Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, currently in previews) clear up some misconceptions about the tragic creature with The New York Times. "[F]or almost two centuries playwrights and filmmakers have helped us to forget that the name belongs to the creator and not his progeny."
  • Elvis is Forbes’ richest dead celebrity. Long rest the king?
  • The Fagulous Five will set their Queer Eye on their last straight guy tonight on Bravo for the series finale. Sniff.
  • The new Batman movie marketers have had a weird site up since Comic-Con this summer that displays a graphic of a lack-o-lantern and a flickering candle. The pumpkin has become increasingly deformed and the candle is about to be snuffed out, (tomorrow, we’re thinking). We anxiously await the results..
Remains of the Day: Frankenstein, Elvis, Batman