Roger Stone: Dems Knew About Harmonie Membership

Roger Stone doesn’t think much of the suggestion (based on my reading of a Weekly Standard story) that he had any role in drumming up a controversy over the fact that Eliot Spitzer’s father and MTA nominee Dale Hemmerdinger were members of the racially un-diverse Harmonie Club. Hemmerdinger’s membership became a contentious political issue after an angry letter from Democratic Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries.

Stone emails:

Just for the record, I never spoke to Hakim Jeffries, never spoke to his people and never asked anyone to speak to him. In fact, until I read the story I never heard of him.

He also said, “I admire what Jeffries did.”

In another email, Stone wrote:

Sure I knew about the Club and that ZUCKERMAN and BERNIE and HEMM where members-Ive lunched there with friends many times.

But I was NOT the ONLY one who knew. Many Dems knew and didnt like it. There is NO one on the membership Committee under 70. Younger members would like Diversity but the OLD BOYS wont hear of it.

All my info from 2 members…

And yes, the Zuckerman he’s referring to is Mort. In this New York Times story, Zuckerman said "I don’t just come here to play. I come to get my minimum daily requirement of kibitzing. I like to tease. I like to be teased.” Roger Stone: Dems Knew About Harmonie Membership