Scheurer insists on being heard in 14th district race

Libertarian Jason Scheurer says he has aspirations to serve in the state Assembly, even though his website shows him posing grandly in front of the U.S. Capitol.

In any case, he knows his way around Trenton well enough to have tracked down the major party's candidates outside a television studio Thursday as he sought to get some explanation as to why he couldn't be included in a debate forum. According to Scheurer, arepresentative from the television studio told him he wasn't a viable candidate.

"I asked him if a Republican was running in a district that always elects Democrats, would you cover him even though he can't win?' And the answer was yes," said Scheurer, who says he wants to apply for emergency Fair and Clean Elections funding to run against the three times the television studio broadcasts the Assembly forum that didn't include him.

Scheurer has been noempty suitas a third party candidate.

The businessmanin his late 30's hasrun a hard-bitten, in your facecampaign against the Democrats and Republicans in the 14th district, in the process gettingbelly laughs from audience members atpublic forums as he brashly denouncesboth parties.

"I saw a sign the other day when I drove into the state," Scheurer told a crowd of Hamilton voters Monday night. "It said, 'Welcome to New Jersey, Jon Corzine, governor.' Then I drove over a pothole."

A giggled murmurran through the audience.

Scheurer's voce was hard-edged.

"Before they take another dollar to build a political sign," he said, "fix the potholes."

The major party's obviously fatigued 14th district Assembly candidates had already debated at another forum earlier in the day, and they weren't taking any chances in their very nearly memorized answers at this point in the contest.

That enabled Scheurer to arguably play the evening's most interesting orator.

"I want you to ask yourself a question as you listen to this debate tonight," he urged the audience. "I want you to ask yourself, 'Will I be joining the 73,000 people who left New Jersey last year?'"

And while Scheurer will probably not be joining two other candidates in Trenton come the new year, he continues topress his case for a third party. Scheurer insists on being heard in 14th district race