SCHIP brings out the 8th District

As 8th District state Senate candidate Assemblyman Fran Bodine and Assembly candidates Tracy Riley and Chris Fifis today called on U.S. Rep. Jim Saxton to protest his support for President George W. Bush’s veto of SCHIP legislation, Burlington County GOP spokesman Chris Russell reissued a press release on behalf of his 8th District Legislative team.
Russell wanted it known that his Senate candidate Phil Haines, and Assemblyrunning matesDawn Marie Addiego and Scott Rudder, had weeks ago called on Bush to reauthorize the children’s healthcare program.
Addiego rode point on the issue.
"If the President got his way on SCHIP, many of the so-called ‘working poor’ would be unable to afford health insurance for their families," said Addiego. "In New Jersey and nationwide, SCHIP has successfully helped to fund health care for families who make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but too little to afford their own insurance. President Bush is wrong on this issue and I call on him to reconsider his position. We shouldn’t turn people’s health into a political football."

But the Democrats wanted a more localized punctuation point on their GOP counterparts' cry, specifically wanting them to make Saxton feel some intra-party outrage.

"Are our opponents going to stand with President Bush and Congressman Saxton, or are they going to support New Jersey’s uninsured children," said Riley. "We want to know where they stand."

Bodine, Riley and Fifis said it was unconscionable for Saxton to turn his back on Burlington County’s working families by voting "no" for the SCHIP legislation.

"Congressman Saxton should be ashamed of himself for denying Burlington County’s uninsured children medical care," said Fifis."The next thing you know, he will want to take away Christmas."
SCHIP brings out the 8th District