Seabrook: CFB ‘Lazy Asses’

I spotted Larry Seabrook on his way into a meeting in Christine Quinn’s office with Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott and some education officals just now.

Before he went in, I asked him about that fine he received from the Campaign Finance Board for allegedly buying furniture the day before the election with matching funds from the city.

Here’s what he told me:

“We didn’t buy campaign furniture the day before the election. That didn’t happen. That’s not true. That was done before that.”

He added:

"It wasn’t furniture. It was a computer desk to put the computer on. It wasn’t chairs and couches, it wasn’t that. It was a computer table. See, they gave you the impression that I was buying couches and that I was buying easy chairs. It was a computer table to put the computer on that we were doing the robo calls. See nobody–if they got off their fat asses and went there, they would have saw that it was a computer table to put a computer on. And it wasn’t furniture. It wasn’t a couch. It wasn’t an easy chair. It wasn’t a LZ Boy like them lazy asses. But that’s what happened."

UPDATE: A spokesman for the CFB, Eric Friedman, responded by saying, “The Board takes both the timing and enduring value–as well as the purpose–of each spending item into account when deciding whether it is an allowable campaign expense.”
  Seabrook: CFB ‘Lazy Asses’