Shaping Up for a “Thrilla” Over Gansevoort

In advance of the state legislature’s return to session next week, Michael Bloomberg and city officials are holding a press conference to put pressure on the handful of state legislators who oppose re-opening the Gansevoort waste transfer station on Manhattan’s West Side, a key component of the city‘s five-borough garbage plan.

At a press conference in City Hall’s Blue Room, Marty Markowitz said he strongly supports the move, but understands that local officials near the Gansevoort site may be facing pressure from their constituents. Bloomberg quickly sought to correct him.

Bloomberg cited Christine Quinn, who has the site in her district and who said that in the two years she’s advocated for the transfer site, she’s only gotten eight complaints from constituents.

Bloomberg said the opposition to the plan is a result of “some Assembly people who don’t want to stand up.”

Adriano Espaillat, borrowing a reference to Muhammad Ali, said this issue may turn into the “Thrilla in Albany.” Carmen Arroyo took it one step further, saying, “When I raise my voice, those four people that are against this have to listen and get out of the way.“

“For the record,” Bloomberg added, “nobody is encouraging physical violence. The allusions to fights notwithstanding.” Shaping Up for a “Thrilla” Over Gansevoort