Sheekey Qualifies Bloomberg Denials

So how much weight should be put into Michael Bloomberg’s denials about running for president?

According to Bloomberg’s chief political strategist, Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey, not much.

In an interview with City Hall News, Sheekey said that Barack Obama made the same denials, and it hasn’t hurt his campaign.

“The thing about running for president is it makes sense if it makes sense. If there’s a reason for you to run, and there’s a constituency that’s calling for you, and you have real ideas, then people will support you. And if not, they won’t. I have not heard anyone in six months run around talking about Barack Obama saying, ‘He swore he wasn’t going to run.’ ’Cause no one cares. They care about what he’s going to do for the country.”

Sheekey also dismissed the idea of running for office himself. "Yeah, but for what? I’m gonna run for Gale Brewer’s job?" Sheekey Qualifies Bloomberg Denials