Siegel Aside, the Public Advocate Field is Not Crowded

Norman Siegel, for one, is going full speed ahead in his bid for public advocate.

He’s got a fund-raising event tomorrow on East 39th Street off Lexington Avenue. On October 29, Seigel’s having another fund-raiser, on Read Street. And that’s in addition to one he had a couple of days ago at 130 Morningside Drive.

What’s interesting is that while Siegel is busy campaigning for the job, that’s not much public evidence of other would-be candidates doing the same. Part of the reason may be because Councilman Eric Gioia of Queens, who is likely to jump into the race, has already raised $979,780, according to the latest campaign finance numbers from July.

A number of elected officials have raised more than Gioia for their prospective bids for citywide offices, but most of them are believed to be interested in mayor or comptroller.

Of course, there’s still plenty of time for people to declare their intentions and join Siegel in the race.

Who’s actually going to do it? Siegel Aside, the Public Advocate Field is Not Crowded