Spitzer’s View on a Two-Tier License System

So, about that possible two-tier system for driver’s licenses that Eliot Spitzer mentioned earlier:

A spokeswoman for Spitzer emailed to say that if it were in place here, it would not differentiate between citizens and non-citizens.

Here is Spitzer spokeswoman Jennifer Givner:

"The two-tiered system (the gov is referring to) under Real ID would represent the following: one federally approved Real ID compliant card and another state issued (non-real id compliant) card. These two different forms of ID would not distinguish between citizens and non citizens in any way. For example, once that system is in place – I will only have the state issued ID because I already have a passport and therefore will not need a federally approved Real ID card."

The other kind of two-tier system, which is favored by some critics of Spitzer’s plan, would make that distinction clear. Immigrant advocates say such a distinction would undermine the basic premise of bringing undocumented residents out of the shadows and into a recognized, government system. Spitzer’s View on a Two-Tier License System