Surprise! It’s an E-Waste Press Conference

Here’s Bill Alatriste‘s shot of a press conference on the steps of City Hall earlier today where City Council members Bill de Blasio, Vincent Gentile and Mike McMahon rallied in support of a bill that would require “e waste,” like old computers and cell phones, to be collected by the dealers who sell them.

The bill was introduced last year and is still being negotiated, but a spokesman for de Blasio wasn’t quite ready to say City Hall or the Speaker’s office has been stalling on the issue.

“We’re happy with negotiations moving forward. But it never hurts having more people know about the bill and why electronic waste is a growing problem,” de Blasio spokeswoman Jean Weinberg told me.

When asked for a comment, Bloomberg spokesman Jason Post emailed say he was “surprised by the press conference.”

“The Mayor’s office supports an electronic waste recycling program, and we have worked with the Council closely on their proposed e-waste legislation. Since recent negotiations have been productive and have brought us close to workable bill, we were surprised by today’s press conference. This Administration will continue to work with Council Member de Blasio, Sanitation & Waste Management Committee Chair McMahon and advocates on a realistic e-waste bill."

Surprise! It’s an E-Waste Press Conference