Tea Time for Kristian Laliberte!

It’s been over a week since we heard from Unruly Heir publicity-sprite and party boy Kristian Laliberte!

So imagine our relief to find this interview, granted to the blog Guest of a Guest.

“He’s been called socialgay, fashion publicist, and the ‘attention starved social butterfly,’" the lead-up to this lengthy Q & A asserts.

His contemporaries have copied him, then turned their backs on him, only to party with him again. Oh yeah and Gawker thinks he’s a ‘fat douche’ … Call him whatever you wish, just don’t call him stupid … Manipulative or not, Kristian Laliberte has made a name and a living in this town, and he’s ready to set the record straight.


It turns out Mr. Laliberte’s childhood was part Magnificent Ambersons, part Eloise:

Indeed, I was never allowed to watch TV, something I am so grateful for now. I was never ever bored, and I always had ten or twelve books I was reading. I remember when most kids read three or four books of the reading list, my parents would always make me read every single one-often times buying other titles from the same authors.


I had a lovely nanny Lettie until I was 5, and two amazing nannies-Emer and Maggie, when I was older-that being said, my mom always came home when I was back from school and we had English breakfast tea together.

Pinkies out!

Interview With Kristian Laliberte [Guest of a Guest]

Tea Time for Kristian Laliberte!