Tea With Miss Coulter

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech at Columbia University?

“Shocking. You know, I give a lot of college speeches, I know how colleges behave, and there is the least free speech on a college campus as any place in America. It is like Iran—so for them to be saying they are allowing this guy to speak because of free speech, you know, your head explodes. … Ahmadinejad held the Holocaust cartoon contest; he is funding Shia militants. And if you watched the speech, he was wildly applauded for every anti-American remark—the only one that upset them was when he didn’t endorse sodomy.”

Did Columbia inviting him give the Iranian president more legitimacy?

“Absolutely. My point is that Americans have to wake up and realize that there are people who are trying to help the enemy. It’s like Americans, or liberals, not believing that people like Ahmadinejad would be willing to commit suicide in order to destroy Israel and America. They say it, they do it, and yet Americans don’t believe it. Liberals root for the other side consistently, they aid the other side consistently. … These people root against America.”

Who would be a better president for New York City, Rudy Giuliani or Hillary Clinton?

“Well, since I think the main thing New Yorkers ought to be looking for is someone who will not allow the Muslims to put a dirty bomb in New York, definitely Rudy.”

How would she sum up Hillary’s campaign strategy?

“Assume that the loony base secretly knows you are a Marxist, so that you can talk like a moderate Democrat, appeal to the DLC types, and people who are Democrats because their grandparents were Democrats.”

If Hillary’s elected, does she think she’ll—

“Impose communism in America? Yes. And I think it’s a little worse than that, because I think she has a chip on her shoulder and a ‘to do’ list. Ha-ha!

If the Clintons are back in the White House, won’t there at least be some good drama and a safe, familiar feeling?

“That’s like hoping for O.J. to kill again. I actually think they’re a bore. We know everything about them now. Look how many books have been written about Hillary. The Don Van Natta and Jeff Gerth book, they’re like the two best reporters in America or within the top five, and they turned up a few good stories, but don’t you feel like you know everything about it? I wanted to go just to [the page about] Hillary listening to illegally wiretapped phone calls of Bill Clinton’s bimbos. That’s a pretty big story, and then I don’t feel like I really have to read anything else. So I think it will be a bore. I mean, he’s not going to be around. He’ll be ambassador to Club Med. He’ll be out of the picture.”

Tea With Miss Coulter