The Achilles’ Heel of Congestion Pricing?

Streesblog has the skinny on a potentially fat environmental impact study that two transportation consultants, Carolyn Konheim and Brian Ketchum, are urging Mayor Bloomberg to undertake before imposing his congestion pricing plan.

The lack of an EIS is a big factor that opponents, including Assembly Member Richard Brodsky (profiled today in The Observer), cite in arguing that the Mayor is trying to bum-rush the program through. The problem, of course, is that these studies take months to complete, and doing one would jeopardize the $350 million the federal government is offering the state and city to charge cars to enter core Manhattan.

The pair of consultants, who support congestion pricing in theory, state that opponents will likely “see you in court if you have not taken some defensible action to comply with [the state environmental review law].”

The message: delay now or delay later. The Achilles’ Heel of Congestion Pricing?