The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Buying on a budget: Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. [NY Times]

A mother and daughter move from the Upper East Side to Starck's Downtown. [NY Times]

22 year olds search for an airy place with a kitchen. [NY Times]

A profile of 500 Fifth Avenue, the sister building to the Empire State. [NY Times]

A look at artfully done condos in Chelsea and SoHo. [NY Times]

Chief Executive of Staples moves into the Plaza. [NY Times]

Vera Wang creates an installation for the lobby of the Onyx Chelsea. [NY Times]

Fireworks (and a 12-foot cake [NY Sun]) mark the 100th anniversary of the Plaza, as the hotel looks into the future. [NY Times]

Yankee Stadium keeps its name and finds space for sponsorship elsewhere. [NY Times]

Building Department goes after Scarano again. [NY Post]

Developers for Williamsburg's sugar refinery put their money where their mouths are. [NY Post]

Nonprofit Educational Housing Services finds success leasing out vacant city buildings to colleges for dorms. [NY Sun] The (Big) Round-Up: Monday