The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Subprime mortgages are more common in Hispanic and Black neighborhoods, study says.  [NY Times]

Against the odds–tribe proposes casino in Queens. [NY Times]

An artist lives in the meatpacking district for 38 years and then discovers the meaning of "luxury loft." [NY Times] 

Seasoned real estate shopper buys a condo on Thompson Street, then sleeps with ear plugs.  [NY Times] 

The bargain market in Brooklyn: prices are down and foreclosures are up. [NY Times]

Stuff and Guff return to Herald Square to memorialize The New York Herald.  [NY Times] 

Developments in Manhattan get the ultimate amenity: a garbage disposal.  [NY Times]

Broker allows a reporter to see Lenny Kravitz’s dressed up condo, but only at dusk.  [NY Times] 

"As the World Turns" star moves up in the world, to a high-rise on East 59th Street.  [NY Times]

Developers in East Harlem take the D.I.Y. strategy and abandon brokers.  [NY Times] 

The artists give up SoHo, while Trump takes over.  [NY Times] 

Could Atlantic Yards create a risk of terror?  [NYDN]

With grants from the state, city, and the bank, a woman finds a home in the Bronx just in time.  [NYDN] 

Silverstein plans a luxury hotel and condominium at WTC site.   [NY Sun]

The Bloomberg administration plans to rezone Harlem.  [NY Sun] 

  The (Big) Round-Up: Monday