The GOP & Climate Change

The New York Times had an interesting story this week on how the issue of climate change is dividing the major Republican candidates for president. Despite this message of disagreement, the text of the article suggests that there is actually near unanimity on the issue from the major candidates. All four of the leading Republican candidates stated that climate change is real, and it must be addressed.

Our party has come a long way on this issue ­ from ridiculing the notion of global warming, to finally considering solutions to the crisis ­ but there is still a long way to go. And the urgency of this issue is only increasing, especially after this week¹s release of a NOAA study that suggests Arctic habitat and climate conditions are changing significantly.

I applaud Senator John McCain for being one of the first Republican candidates to speak out about climate change on the campaign trail, and I am encouraged by how the other major candidates are responding to the issue. If these candidates take the issue of climate change all the way to the convention, I am cautiously optimistic that our party will adopt in its platform strong and optimistic policy proposals to deal with the problem. The challenge will remain for whomever is elected next November to find ways to do more than discuss the issue ­ it¹s time we took some concrete steps to actually solve it. The GOP & Climate Change