The Morning Read: Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hillary Clinton speaks with the Daily News, and talks about a blood clot she once had behind her right knee.

Rudy Giuliani told voters in Iowa he’s not sure if waterboarding is torture.

Mob bosses once voted 3-2 not to whack Giuliani when he was a federal prosecutor.

Giuliani’s decision to root for the Red Sox continues to generate controversy.

Chuck Schumer is not siding with Eliot Spitzer on the driver’s license issue, says Abby Wissse Schachter.

Michael Bloomberg says Bill Thompson is wrong on schools.

Elizabeth Edwards advises her husband, John, and has “occasionally stolen his spotlight,” reports the New York Times.

The country’s largest gay rights group criticized Barack Obama for his association with a controversial gospel singer.

Michael Bloomberg is again pushing for chain restaurants to display calorie information about their food.

The former acting governor of New Jersey is accused of sexual harassment.

Microsoft bought into Facebook.

Michael Daly wants Spitzer to be a toughguy and pick on the MTA.

Observing Mike Huckabee’s lack of support from conservative leaders (Chuck Norris notwithstanding), Gail Collins writes that they’re “united mainly by their hatred of abortion and gay marriage, and a desire to win.”

The New York Post editorial board wonders if Spitzer can ever be confident in technology employed at the DMV.

And Hillary gets criticized on the editorial page of the Daily News for opposing an bill on intelligence gathering methods. The Morning Read: Thursday, October 25, 2007