The Morning Read: Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Derrick Jackson says the Republican strategy to beat Hillary Clinton is to demonize her.

Former congressman J.C. Watts said of the GOP presidential candidates, “I can’t bring myself to believe that they are serious about capturing more than about 8 percent of the black vote.”

In reference to a former aide who refused to cooperate with a subpoena from the state Senate, Eliot Spitzer’s spokeswoman said, “Darren [Dopp] intends to fully cooperate based upon whatever decision is made by the courts.”

Every Republican, plus a few Democrats, in the state Senate voted to oppose Eliot Spitzer’s driver’s license policy.

An upstate county clerk filed a lawsuit to block the plan also.

There’s a push in Kentucky to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses.

Bill Hammond comes out in favor of a two-tier system for driver’s licenses, something Spitzer has already rejected.

Joie Tyrrell of Newsday writes that Spitzer’s policy “would move the state closer to a policy in effect during most of the Pataki administration.”

Spitzer appointees began getting confirmed.

The driver’s license fight is costing Spitzer victories on other legislative fronts.

Michael Bloomberg was “unshaken” after a plain-clothes officer guarding him was attacked in the subway.

Joe Klein has a column in the New York Sun on merit pay.

And New Jersey businesswoman Ann Evans Estabrook will seek the Republican nomination for senate against incumbent Frank Lautenberg. The Morning Read: Tuesday, October 23, 2007