The Morning Read: Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The former principal of the Arab-themed public school said she was forced to resign by the city’s Department of Education.

They forced me to issue an apology,” the principal said of the Department of Education

It was at the “insistence” of the Department of Education that the principal spoke to the newspaper which led to the public backlash that drove her from her job.

Hillary Clinton said she’ll draw up plans to have some troops out of Iraq in 60 days, but keep “specialized units” in the country afterwards.

Lou Dobbs hates Eliot Spitzer’s plan to allow illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s license.

Fred Dicker reports that Spitzer is blocking $300,000 in state funds from an opponent of his driver’s license plan.

Rudy Giuliani is courting Jewish Republicans.

The Port Authority accepted money to study the Cross Harbor Tunnel project, which Bloomberg opposed during his 2005 re-election.

Bloomberg warned of a “disaster” if the citywide trash plan is stalled in Albany.

Someone at PC World New Zealand is not a fan of the Bloomberg terminal.

Christine Quinn reimbursed the city for travel expenses to personal and political events.

Al Gore says he’s not running for president.

Jill Gardiner, who covers the mayor for the New York Sun, is leaving to become an editor at The Real Deal.

Peter Kalikow said it’s “uncomfortable” staying on as the head of the MTA for five months while waiting for the state Senate to approve a slew of gubernatorial appointments.

Con Ed may blame the steam pipe explosion on the city.

Facebook will post sterner warnings on its Web site because of Andrew Cuomo’s investigation.

And Mike Lupica thinks Rudy Giuliani overplaying his mayoral accomplishments to compensate for things like the Bernie Kerik mess, “would be like Sen. Larry Craig talking about all the other airport rest rooms he’d been in without a single arrest for solicitation.”

The Morning Read: Wednesday, October 17, 2007