The Morning Read: Wednesday, October 31, 2007

During last night debate’s, Clinton was asked about Eliot Spitzer’s driver’s license plan and said, “This is where everybody plays ‘Gotcha.’"

She didn’t say whether she supports Spitzer’s plan.

Hillary Clinton and others oppose Michael Muckasey’s nomination as Attorney General.

Michael Bloomberg backed off criticisms of a police officer who died after working at Ground Zero, calling him a “dedicated police officer.”

Bloomberg ordered a hiring freeze for all city agencies.

Bloomberg is "softening" his position on Charlie Rangel’s tax plan.

Michael Balboni got the phone call from Michael Chertoff’s aides saying the federal government was concerned about Spitzer’s driver’s license plan.

An upstate legislator’s son was charged with making a harassing phone call to his dad’s opponent.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy is heading to an almost guaranteed re-election, thanks in part to the immigration issue.

And David Yepsen says Edwards did well at the debate, and Clinton did not. The Morning Read: Wednesday, October 31, 2007