‘The Society’ Is Latest Polyp in Cancerous Growth of Invite-Only Clubs

Because there just aren’t enough membership clubs in New York City (you know, the ones that don’t actually have their own meeting space), the folks behind The Society society will be launching “a distinctive new social club for the creative class.” You, too, can go to the launch party on November, 8. All it’ll cost you is $50 and your dignity.

The people behind The Source are named Annie Evans and Maggie Rosengarten. After a brief preliminary Internet search, it looks like Ms. Evans is a playwright who’s penned for Sesame Street and Ms. Rosengarten is a French-English translator.

From the invitation:

You have been invited to join The Society, a distinctive new social club for the creative class, set to make the scene in New York City. Bored with the existing calendar of cultural and social events in the city, we have taken matters into our own hands and gathered a collection of like-minded, driven, and inspiring individuals to join us as we offer a fresh and fierce approach to culture and entertainment.

In an ever changing environment, the primary objective of The Society is to create unique and stimulating events and experiences for our members. From over-the-top parties to cool cultural encounters, we guarantee many memorable moments ahead.

Our goal is to build a network of members who are conscious of all that is current. People, such as yourself, that are intuitively drawn to interesting and unique experiences, opportunities, and lifestyle choices.

As a member you will be privy to our enticing calendar of events and activities.
Some member benefits include:
* Exclusive access to one-off events
*Admission to select private parties and culture courses
*Access to a variety of NYC's performing arts
‘The Society’ Is Latest Polyp in Cancerous Growth of Invite-Only Clubs