If you are among the group of people who believe Jon Corzine will not seek re-election as Governor, then you might consider his predecessor, Richard Codey, as the front runner for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in 2009 — if Codey is serving as Senate President. That post makes him the second most powerful man in the state, and again puts him next in the line of succession if Corzine decided to take a different job and not serve the final year of his term. (Coincidentally, he did just that only two years ago.)

But if Codey is no longer Senate President, his status as a gubernatorial candidate in two years is not as clear. That could be good news for Congressman Rob Andrews, a Camden County Democrat who has been waiting for a second shot at statewide office since he nearly captured the Democratic nomination for Governor ten years ago.

So for those who dismiss the idea of a post-election deal to deny Codey re-election as Senate President, take this into consideration: for some interested parties, beating Codey in an insider-game — the vote for Senate President — may be the only way to stop him from serving as Governor until 2018. Theories