These plants are no wallflowers

Medford Mayor Scott Rudder, Republican candidate for the Assembly in district 8, defended the decision made by his running mate Phil Haines to remain silent during the debate portion of last week's campaign forum in Leisuretown.

"The thing about these forums is who wins come down to whoever has more plants in the audience," said Rudder.

Indeed, Republican and Democratic operatives were floating in the crowd in the crowd that night; and the Republicans said they fearedhidden cameras, and theblind-siding embarrassing question.

The big money Democrats here are running television ads out of Philadelphia and the GOP fear is their faces and words will be distorted into ad fodder with two and a half weeks to go before Election ay.

Haines, the county clerk in Burlington,said he's campaigned for years in Leisuretown, knows the mostly Republican residents there and feels comfortable interacting with them, and listening to their concerns one-on-one.

These plants are no wallflowers