Thompson Audit Hits Parks Department, Bloomberg Administration

Bill Thompson just opened up a new front in his fight (if that’s what a tiff between two such mild-mannered officials can truly be called) with Michael Bloomberg, releasing an audit saying that the city’s Parks Department overpaid a vendor by $6 million.

“The Parks Department absolutely dropped the ball when it came to the Ferry Point Golf Course.


“The Parks Department paid for work for which the City was not liable, and lost out on millions of dollars in revenue. More than seven years after the concession agreement was signed, the golf course is not nearly complete, and as a result New York City does not have a world-class golf course.”

Recently, Thompson and Bloomberg traded barbs over education.

Granted, this latest audit isn’t exactly a direct personal attack, and it doesn’t even get close to the level of vitriol that characterized, say, the Giuliani-Hevesi exchanges in the months before 9-11. But then, the mayor’s race, as Bloomberg would say, is still a ways away.

Thompson Audit Hits Parks Department, Bloomberg Administration