Three Blockbuster Targets for the Mets

Move three: Sign Jorge Posada.

How much better has Jorge Posada been than Paul Lo Duca this season? His on base percentage is 115 points higher. His slugging percentage is 165 points higher. The distance between Posada and Lo Duca offensively is roughly the same as the distance between Lo Duca and Orlando Hernandez.

Posada was unhappy with the Yankees’ decision to try and negotiate with Alex Rodriguez in-season, but not with him. None of the typical “I want to be a Yankee” statements from Jorge—he’s ready to test the market.

And you say the Yankees won’t let him go? Well, 99 percent of players, loyalties or not, go to the highest bidder. And it simply isn’t set in stone that the Yankees will be on top. If the Mets go three years, will the Yankees? Will they want to go four? $10 million per? $15 million? At a certain point, just as with Pedro Martinez and the Red Sox, the Yankees will say “We’re out.” The Mets have to find that point.

These expenditures will likely put the Mets in the $150-$160 million range, salary-wise for next season. But unlike previous, ill-advised spending sprees by this franchise, they’d have added the best pitcher and hitter in the game, along with the best offensive catcher in the game. And they’d have done so without touching the core of a team that won 97 and 88 games over two seasons. Picture this lineup on Opening Day, 2007:

Reyes SS

Beltran CF

Wright 2B

Rodriguez 3B

Posada C

Alou LF

Delgado 1B

Guillen RF

Santana P

Think anyone will be talking collapse then?

Let us hope, even if the Mets do this, they’ll still have the wisdom to sign David Riske. Even an offense this good, and a one-two punch of Santana and Pedro, might not be enough to overcome another year of Guillermo Mota.

Three Blockbuster Targets for the Mets