Vibe Rater: Blue Seats, 157 Ludlow Street

A Yankees bar packed with Red Sox fans?

It’s Rudy Giuliani‘s new campaign headquarters!

Or it could be. With 72 screens crammed into such a narrow tavern, Blue Seats feels like a military command center, albeit one serving truffle-oiled mac ‘n cheese for $16 a plate.

The inescapable and overwhelming TV exposure recalls that re-conditioning scene in Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange–only, combined with massive quantities of beer, it seems to have the opposite effect.

On Wednesday night, a trio of rowdy fratty dudes got into a bitchy scuffle, knocking into patrons at the bar and disasterously causing one reporter to spill his beer.

What’s that they say in Boston? "Cowboy up!" Vibe Rater: Blue Seats, 157 Ludlow Street