Weinberg weighs in on Common Sense America

State Sen. Loretta Weinberg has a theory about Common Sense America, the 501(c)4 organization that has been running ads attacking Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein in the 14th district.

Weinberg, perhaps the most outspoken legislator on gay rights issues, said that the group has shown itself to fit in with a Republican electoral strategy by targeting Linda Greenstein, who’s in a competitive district, as opposed to her.

“If Common Sense America were true to its word and true to its agenda, it would be targeting me and my outspoken record of gay tolerance. But they won’t and the reason is because they get their marching orders from the Republican Party,” said Weinberg.

Common Sense America initially went after Greenstein on fiscal issues, but shares leadership with the National Organization for Marriage. This week that organization’s PAC began attacking Greenstein on gay marriage.

Weinberg called the 14th district Republicans’ opposition to the group’s presence “posturing,” and said that the group fit well into this election cycle’s Republican strategy.

“It’s time to call this group what it really is: a Republican front group conceived and funded by hidden Republican money,” said Weinberg.

Common Sense America Chairman Brian Brown could not be reached for comment, but Assemblyman Bill Baroni, who’s running for state Senate in the 14th district against Democrat Seema Singh, denied that his outrage was feigned.

“I care passionately about the Clean Elections program,” said Baroni. “Adam, Tom and I have been explicit in our denunciation of this and any other group because we want them to stay out. I want the program to go statewide and this group is putting that at risk.”

Weinberg weighs in on Common Sense America