Weinstein Books Splits From Miramax

Weinstein Books, the publishing imprint of Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s production company, has officially cut ties with Miramax Books, Weinstein Books president Rob Weisbach told The Observer today. The imprint has been part of Hyperion—Disney’s publishing arm—ever since the Weinstein brothers split from Disney two years ago.

The brothers agreed to temporarily retain some oversight of the Miramax imprint when they left Disney in 2005, in order to properly follow through on all the books they’d signed up before they left.

According to Weinstein Books president Rob Weisbach, he and his staff moved out of Miramax’s offices at 99 Hudson Street on September 30th and are now operating out of a new location at Cortlandt and Church Sreets. Weinstein Books Splits From Miramax