What New Faces?

Good thing I’m not a betting person.

If you’ve been reading the Gannett dailies over the last couple months, the odds-on favorites would be this year’s legislative challengers.

That’s what we’ve been led to believe by the investigative reports exposing incumbents, headlines calling for reform, and the editorials lamenting the need for new faces.

There was Gannett’s week-long series dubbed "Profiting from Public Service". Next there were these editorials at the Courier News: “Reform won't happen without some new faces” (Courier News, 10/7/07) and “18th District needs new faces in Trenton” (Courier News, 10/21/07).

In fact, the Courier News summed up the need for “new faces” this way: "As New Jersey voters consider their ballot options in November, they should begin by asking two questions about incumbent legislators: Are they part of the problem? And if not, can they be part of the solution?" (Courier-News, 10/21/07).

That's pretty much been the "party line" with the Gannett chain this election season.

So what happened at the Home News?

The Home News called its political endorsement of state Senator Bob Smith “easy to render”, (10/11/07). In it, they credited Smith for his past commitment to the environment and for promoting public education funding changes.

A valid rationale perhaps– but what about Gannet’s singular focus on reform?

Maybe the editors at the Home News aren't reading the same newspapers.

What New Faces?