Whelan asks for state help in Atlantic City

Amidst the chaos of the Atlantic City power struggle for who will become the next mayor, Assemblyman/state Senate candidate Jim Whelan is calling for the state to look into ways of helping the city while it suffers through “governmental paralysis.”

Whelan wants the Office of Legislative Services to draw up plans to stabilize the government, especially in its casino-related functions.

“Atlantic City's tourism and gaming industry is the lifeblood of South Jersey's economy. We cannot allow the city's governmental paralysis to leave unattended the needs and questions of existing and potential casino operators,” said Whelan, who also talked to Gov. Corzine about getting state resources.

Whelan asked his opponent, Sen. James “Sonny” McCullough, to join him in a bi-partisan call for state aid. But McCullough didn’t sound enthusiastic at the prospect.

“Jimmy Whelan is the leading Democrat in Atlantic County. He called for (former Mayor) Levy to leave office, made a spectacle with the governor and drew negative attention to Atlantic City because of a missing mayor,” said McCullough, who added that Whelan should have showed up to the recent controversial Atlantic City Democratic Committee meeting where they chose three possible replacement for Levy.

“I don’t think he’s the guy to lead anything when he can’t even assist his own party in choosing the new mayor,” said McCullough. Whelan asks for state help in Atlantic City