Whelan attacks McCullough on donations

Angered by a mail piece sent by state Sen. Sonny McCullough’s campaign that said he accepted a $1,500 from a criminal, Assemblyman and state Senate candidate Jim Whelan sought to draw attention to where McCullough gets his money.

Whelan became the latest Democrat to bring up President Bush today, saying that the president effectively raised money for McCullough. McCullough received contributions from the Republican State Committee, which had Bush over for a fundraiser in May that raised $675,000.

"At least Sen. McCullough has let the voters know now, before they go to the polls, that when it comes to choosing between George W. Bush and the hard-working families of the district, he chose Bush,” said Whelan.

McCullough said that it’s absurd to tie the two of them together just because Bush came to the state to stump several months ago.

“It’s a pretty good reach, but who the heck cares? I don’t know if George Bush even knows who I am,” said McCullough.

In another press release Whelan said it was hypocritical for McCullough to criticize him for accepting a $1,500 contribution from Terry Jacobs, which he gave to charity after Jacobs was charged with cocaine trafficking. McCullough, he said, never gave back a $5,000 contribution to his Egg Harbor Township Committee campaign given to him in 1991 Alliance for a Better New Jersey, a Political Action Committee Whelan’s campaign says was founded by Steve D’Andrea, who was convicted of bribery in 1994.

McCullough responded that D’Andrea only gave him $500, though an ELEC report does show a $5,000 contribution from the PAC. But Jacobs was charged with cocaine possession as well, he said.

“How you even tie the two together? One of them happened back in 1991 with a white collar crime, the other happened with a convicted drug dealer,” said McCullough.

Whelan attacks McCullough on donations