A Chicken Little on the Council

We’re trying to keep the turkey and fowl references to a minimum, but couldn’t pass this up.

It’s an odd flier circulating among City Council members about the perils of mortgages and home foreclosures, an issue that officials like Lew Fidler have been talking about for some time. The flier, created by Fidler, was his way of garnering support for his budget initiative to help families with mortgage troubles.

The lesson Fidler is preaching here is that the Chicken Littles, sometimes, are right.


From the flier:

Our City will be filled with thousands of “Chicken Little’s,” shouting that the sky is falling on them … or more accurately, that their real estate values are and along with them their home equity is falling in on them. Only this time, the danger will be very real … we will be in a true mortgage foreclosure crisis. Our working families, our newest homeowners and our seniors will be most at risk.

Unlike the characters in the Little Red Hen … okay, we are mixing nursery tales here … the answer to “Who will help me?” cannot be the duck’s “Not I.” Our neighborhoods will suffer greatly as foreclosed properties begin a cycle of urban blight. This time we can be ahead of the problem, and through the Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Initiative, we can have a safety net in place before the crisis occurs.

A Chicken Little on the Council