A Double Dose of Non-Disclosure

Judging by the pre-election coverage, at least two of the state’s congressional races are expected to be among the most hotly contested House seats in the nation.

Perhaps the big story is the Republican’s financial disadvantage given Jim Saxton's and Mike Ferguson’s retirements in 2008. At least that was the focus of the Inquirer’s recent coverage by Cynthia Burton, GOP retirements could prove crucial, (11/21/07). The story highlighted the Republican Party’s electoral loss of a “$2 million head start on campaign fundraising”.

Acknowledging the hit was Republican political consultant Larry Weitzner. But Weitzner tried to soften the blow by adding money "will not be the decisive factor" if Republicans field the right candidates.”

Not surprising coming from a Republican consultant. What is a bit surprising is Burton’s failure to disclose that Weitzner’s firm, Jamestown Associates, had already signed on with Diane Allen.

Another hit of non-disclosure was repeated by Al Frank at the Ledger (Parsippany's still uncertain of mayor after latest ruling, 11/16/07).

In follow-up reporting about the two-year old Parsippany contested mayoral race, Frank again quoted his favorite legal expert — Richard Perr, an adjunct professor at Rutgers Law School in Camden — on a partisan election issue without disclosing the fact that his source also moonlights as a ranking state party official — Burlington County Democrat Chair.

So we’ll just keep reminding his readers.

A Double Dose of Non-Disclosure