A Kennedy for Clinton, No Mills Against John Hall

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. endorses Hillary Clinton. [CNN]

More than 100 academics from schools around New York State came out against electronic voting machines. [Capitol Confidential]

The City Council easily passed a bill yesterday requiring a reduction in greenhouse gasses. [Daily News]

Despite rumors, former G.O.P. Assemblyman Howard Mills is not running against Congressman John Hall, reports Liz. [Daily Politics]

The Clinton campaign says the gay veteran, and Hillary ally, who asked a question at last night’s debate was acting completely on his own. [Washington Wire]

Adolfo Carrion gets $30,000 from a company chosen as a contractor on the Yankee Stadium redevelopment project. [Streetsblog]

The President of the United Federation of Teachers Union, Randi Weingarten, says there is support for merit-based pay for educators. [The Sun]

And the Democratic Party has put online pretty much all of its raw footage of the Republican campaigns, just for your editing pleasure. [Spin Cycle]

  A Kennedy for Clinton, No Mills Against John Hall