Ammirato on Yudin

In response to rumors that Bob Yudin will challenge Rob Ortiz for Bergen County Republican Chairman, Bergen GOP spokesman Thom Ammirato issued this statement:

This is perhaps the singularly most absurd idea that has ever been floated in politics. He would be better off running for president of the United States. He is a three time loser for freeholder, having run three of the most illogical, inept and unfathomable campaigns in Bergen County history. Moreover, he shares few if any ideological positions with Republicans, has little grasp of the issues and is incapable of galvanizing support of anyone. This is a man who ran three times for freeholder and never came close to winning… He is a Republican who supported the county’s wasteful $2 million homeless shelter, had apparently no opinion on the county’s effort this year to double the open space tax and ran a campaign this year that was apparently based on nothing but whining that he didn’t get money from Rob Ortiz.

If I were Rob Ortiz, I wouldn’t have given Yudin a dime. He was a sycophant of Guy Talarico..the Jim Jones of Bergen County politics… and perhaps the most outstandingly inept and selfish leader in BCRO history. Yudin say idly by as Talarico and Todd Caliguire – who is second only to Talarico in selfishness, ineptitude, self aggrandizement and uncontrolled ego – destroyed the BCRO’s chances of victory this year. Yudin, Talarico and Caliguire presided over what is perhaps the single most devastating act of uncontrolled ego in Republican history – the ill –fated District 40 Primary race — which saw Republicans spend over $400,000 on the vanity-run of Caliguire — who is still trying resurrect his shattered self-esteem from the devastating defeat in the 2006 County Executive campaign. Yudin spent much of 2007 whining about the lack of funding from the BCRO — when he should have been calling upon Talarico and the notoriously cheap Todd Caliguire to replenish the BCRO coffers they raided for their own ego-driven political dream. It takes real chutzpah to be party to a scheme that bankrupted the BCRO and then demand that the new chairman fund a freeholder campaign that was run about as effectively as the NJ Schools Construction Corporation.

Bob Yudin is no more capable of running the BCRO than Paris Hilton is capable of running a driving school. He should stick to selling refrigerators and stoves and give politics a break for a decade or two.

Whoever is floating this idea is letting their blind hatred of Bob Ortiz cloud their judgment.

Ammirato on Yudin