As ex-Governor’s daughter, Whitman seeks no special treatment

Kate Whitman, the daughter of former Gov. Christie Whitman, is considering running for Congress. But she wants the public to know that she does not feel any sense of entitlement.

"I don't think just because my last name is Whitman I'm entitled to anything. I'll work just as hard if not harder than anyone else for this," said the 30-year-old Whitman, who has worked as a congressional staffer, for the U.S. Department of Labor, and the New Hampshire Republican Party. She is the Executive Director of the Republican Leadership Council, which her mother co-chairs.

She said that her lack of experience as an elected official isn't necessarily detrimental.

"Maybe it's time we need someone with a little bit of a different perspective. Some people may say that I should have municipal experience and that's their opinion," said Whitman.

She also said that being the mother twin boys makes her care even more about the district.

"I have twin sons who are two and a half years old. I truly care about New Jersey and this district, and having grown up here I care about the future of it not only for my children but the future of the district. I think I bring a fresh perspective," said Whitman. "I'm by no means announcing anything, but I'm definitely talking to people about it."

Whitman said that she can help change the tone of the partisan debate in Washington – that both parties need to "return to civility." As ex-Governor’s daughter, Whitman seeks no special treatment