Barbara Walters, Nancy Shevell Are Related

Barbara Walter’s negative comments about Heather Mills on Monday’s The View took on some considerable weight today. In the episode, Ms. Walters called Paul McCartney’s ex-wife “so impossible” and “not a very nice woman.”

As it happens, Mr. McCartney’s new lover, Nancy Shevell, is Ms. Walters’ kin. Cousins, in fact. During the said episode, the venerable newswoman’s also said that when she interviewed Mr. McCartney’s now-ex-wife, she was “extremely difficult.”

In a statement to the Huffington Post, Ms. Walters’ publicist, Cindi Berger, explains:

“Barbara was unaware that Nancy was involved with Paul McCartney. We just found out about that when the press alerted us. Barbara and Nancy are second cousins. Barbara is not her aunt.”

Barbara’s Kissing Cousin: Walters And Paul McCartney’s Girlfriend Are Family [HuffPo]

Barbara Walters, Nancy Shevell Are Related