Barneys’ Green Glass

All my misgivings were for naught: The minute we started to unload the props into the windows, people were screaming and banging on the window in a wild orgy of Green solidarity. They seemed grateful for the fact that we had added a dollop of humor to the sometimes preachy and earnest Green movement. They were even singing along with our Green version of the 12 days of Christmas:

“On the twelfth day of Christmas my pro-Green true love gave to me …”

“12 tons of tofu,”

“11 solar panels,”

“10 New Age gurus,”

“9 organic carob bars,”

“8 tickets to Burning Man,”

“7 sustainable ostrich farms,”

“6 compost toilets,”

“5 rolls of recycled gift wrap,”

“4 fair-trade futons,”

“3 free-range sustainable-farmed organic hens,”

“2 vegan chefs,”

“and a Prius in a pear tree.”

For next year’s windows I have decided—given how horribly wrong I was about this year’s theme—to come up with an idea and then do the complete opposite.

Happy holidays!

Barneys’ Green Glass