Bizarro Bard Goes Memo Mad At Chelsea Hotel

And so it goes with Mr. Travis, too, whose frequent memos and other misadventures in hotel management have proven ample fodder for the Chelsea Hotel gossip site, Living With Legends.

Blogger Ed Hamilton, a 12-year resident, had a field day this fall after discovering Mr. Travis’ personal profile on the social networking site MySpace, where the young, apparent André Balazs wannabe described himself as a “eurotrash beachbum,” while simultaneously touting a yet-unattained graduate degree in hotel management and rather brief prior employment at far less storied Manhattan inns, including the Hotel on Rivington, Soho Grand and Chambers Hotel.

“I think rooms control is an art,” reads Mr. Travis’ profile. To which Mr. Hamilton wisecracked, “[L]ike the rest of us, he considers himself an artist of sorts.”

Despite the teasing, Mr. Travis has yet to remove or even alter his MySpace presence.

Maybe that’s because he doesn’t intend on sticking around for decades like his predecessor, Mr. Bard.

“Glennon is just another suit who wants to climb the ladder in the high profile boutique hotel business,” said Mr. Hamilton, also the author of a new book, Legends of the Chelsea Hotel, in an e-mail to The Observer.

“It’s a shame that Glennon has been assigned to such an important cultural institution as the Chelsea Hotel. Obviously neither Glennon nor [his corporate supervisor David] Bernstein are going to play anywhere near the role that Stanley Bard did in defining the Chelsea and its unique place in New York history. On the other hand, the minority share holders, along with Richard Born and Ira Drukier, will be remembered for having desecrated an iconic institution.”

Bizarro Bard Goes Memo Mad At Chelsea Hotel