Blavatnik’s $150 M. Mark Triplex? ‘It’s Not A Go’

This morning, a front-page New York Post splash reported that Russian-born, Harvard-trained industrialist Len Blavatnik had made a “record deal” to grab the top three floors at The Mark, nearly a 30,000-square-foot spread, for $150 million.

Is it too good to be true? “Len was approached,” a source with knowledge of the deal (or non-deal) told The Observer this afternoon, “but declined the opportunity.”

"It’s not a go,” the source said later.

After all, it’s hard to fathom how Mr. Blavatnik, who closed just last month on a $50 million townhouse, and who in the past two years has bought a $27.5 million co-op at chic 998 Fifth Avenue, plus a $31.25 million mansion, could need more space in New York.

“It’s a private thing, but I can tell you he has shown significant interest in the property,” said Kelly Mack, president of Corcoran Sunshine, the firm marketing this renovated condo-hotel. (Still, apartment contracts can’t be signed, she said, because the state Attorney General hasn’t accepted the offering plans yet.)

When The Observer told her that a source said Mr. Blavatnik “declined the opportunity” to buy the triplex, she said: “But that’s not to say that’s it going to happen… I wouldn’t say that he’s not interested.”

And if he doesn’t grab the space? A second source said six letters of intent have been entered for the penthouse apartment, and three of them want at least one other floor. Blavatnik’s $150 M. Mark Triplex? ‘It’s Not A Go’