Bonior Bashes Hillary for NAFTA

David Bonior, John Edwards’ campaign manager, just led a conference call of union leaders slamming Hillary Clinton for what they said was the dismissive tone with which she dodged a question about NAFTA.

“For us for me this is not a laughing matter,” said Bonior, who said NAFTA was the Clintons’ way of rewarding the corporate part of the Clinton machine and started the decline of the middle class. He blamed Bill Clinton for passing it. And called the agreement “one of the worst trade deals in the history of organized societies.”

“There were many many jobs good jobs lost in Iowa,” he said.

Bonior was asked by a reporter whether he found Clinton sincere when she distanced herself from her husband’s trade policy by saying “NAFTA was a mistake to the extent that it did not deliver to the extent that we hoped it would.” He responded that he might have accepted that remark if she hadn’t dismissed the NAFTA question at first, or if she didn’t support a Peru trade deal that he called a continuation of NAFTA-like policies.

“She says one thing on one hand, she says another thing on another hand,” he said. “You never get a straight answer.”

Anyone sense a theme here? Bonior Bashes Hillary for NAFTA