Bramnick: “It’s hard to pass up an opportunity like this”

Assemblyman Jon Bramnick was set to make a decision on whether he would run for U.S. Senate as early as this week. But now, with the announcement that Mike Ferguson will not seek re-election to Congress in 2008, Bramnick appears to have his sights set on that seat

“It’s hard to pass up an opportunity like this,” said Bramnick, who said he'll make a decision on whether or not to go for it tomorrow morning.

Bramnick said that he has received communications from within the party this morning via email and telephone asking him to run.

“I can’t understand why Ferguson is not running,” said Bramnick.

Another obvious contender is State Sen. Tom Kean, Jr., who was just named Senate Minority Leader. Bramnick previously said he would not seek a U.S. Senate seat if Kean wanted to challenge Lautenberg, which could mean that Kean is not interested in running for this seat (Kean could not immediately be reached for comment).

Other possible candidates include state Senator Leonard Lance, state Senator-Elect Kip Bateman, Former Congressman Bob Franks, Somerset County Freeholder Jack Ciattarelli, Hunterdon County Freeholder Will Mennen, Scotch Plains mayor Marty Marks and Bridgewater Mayor Patty Flannery. Bramnick: “It’s hard to pass up an opportunity like this”