Brodsky on Spitzer’s ‘Stunning Collapse’

I just got off the phone with Democratic Assemblyman Richard Brodsky of Westchester, who told me that today’s Siena poll numbers about Eliot Spitzer were “astounding” and showed a “stunning collapse not just for him, but for his political agenda.”

But Brodsky isn’t quite ready to say Spitzer should worry about his re-election.

“I don’t think they’re surprising,” he said. “I think there’s going to be–he can reverse this. This is not the end of the debate, but it is a profound and serious set of political failures. The governor is not just the smartest person in the state. It’s also the one who knows how to lead. This is not a lost cause. He’s got to figure out a way to talk to the public and figure out a way to talk to other public officials. And communicate in a way where he can persuade and be persuaded. So far he hasn’t shown that.”

When asked if these kind of poll numbers would be enough to spark talk about someone new emerging in time for 2010, Brodsky said, "You’ll have to ask those other people." Brodsky on Spitzer’s ‘Stunning Collapse’