Celebrity Gals Come Out in Paris

Paris in the springtime is lovely, but for the blossoming female members of the world’s most famous families, autumn will do just fine. After all, that’s when the famed Le Bal Crillon des Debutantes is held, and the singer Phil Collins was among the celebrities in the French capital—17-year-old daughter Lily in tow—to attend the extravagant affair. “Tonight I’m no-one, not a singer, just an emotional dad," Mr. Collins told the AFP. “This great ball is a wonderful tradition."

Among the other young ladies with good heels and better names who “came out” at the Hotel Crillon were Kathleen Kennedy, the granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy; Olivia Pei, granddaughter of architect I.M. Pei; Brazilian soccer phenom Pelé’s goddaughter Gemima MacMahon; Tatiana Mountbatten, great grandniece of the deceased viceroy of India; and Maria Abou Nader, the neice of former Lebanese presidents Amine and Bachir Gemayel. (Last year, as reported by Page Six, the daughters of James Mellon III, real estate maven Janna Bullock and actress Kristin Scott Thomas made their debuts at the same event.) Celebrity Gals Come Out in Paris