Christie & Associates Media Relations

Chris Christie could have a second career as a media relations consultant when he leaves the Justice Department.

Consider the timeline of the latest leaking federal probe and the masterful headline management:

Christie makes the rounds in Atlantic City touting ethics.

Wednesday, 11/14, The Record: Christie warns pols: Run from bribes

Thursday, 11/15, The Press of Atlantic City, U.S. attorney says corruption can't be prosecuted away

Thursday, 11/15, The Record, Christie gives stern ethics warning

On Monday, 11/19, a spokesman for former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft responds to the Star Ledger's questions about the no-bid federal monitoring deal. By Monday evening, U.S. Attorney Chris Christie provides comments to the Ledger.

Monday, 11/19, Star Ledger, Internet, 10:01pm: $52M-plus payday for Christie's old boss

Tuesday, 11/20, Star Ledger, Print Edition: 52M-plus payday for Christie's old boss

Sometime before 9:00 am on Tuesday, an exclusive leak to The Record reveals an ongoing search being conducted at both the office and home of state Senator Joseph Coniglio. The Record arrives at both locations with a reporter, photographers and videographer to capture live footage of the raid.

Tuesday, 11/20, The Record: Federal agents search Coniglio's home

Tuesday, The Record, Live Video Feed of the event on 11/20: Feds seize documents from Coniglio's home and office

Tuesday, 11/20,, 10:47am: Feds search Coniglio’s home, office

On Wednesday, it’s a Christie double header. Stories run about the Coniglio search and Christie’s decisions to give multiple no-bid awards to former associates as a follow-up to the exclusive Ledger coverage.

Wednesday, 11/21, The Record: Coniglio is target of U.S. raids

Wednesday, 11/21, Star Ledger: FBI agents grab records of a Bergen lawmaker

Wednesday, 11/21, Courier Post: FBI searches N.J. senator's home, office

Wednesday, 11/21, Homes News Tribune: FBI raids home, office of Sen. Coniglio

Wednesday, 11/21, Philadelphia Inquirer, FBI agents search Bergen senator's office and home

Wednesday, 11/21, Star Ledger: Man with eagle eye for conflicts has a blind spot

Wednesday, 11/21, The Press of Atlantic City: Ashcroft firm gets contract to aid U.S. Attorney's Office in N.J.

Wednesday, 11/21, Pallone tells Christie to take politics out of federal monitor selection

Once again, here’s the question that begs to be asked, but still hasn’t: Is anyone in the US Attorney’s Office investigating the leaks sur
rounding the federal probes launched by that office?

Given the timing of the recent leak, that question should be first on everyone’s list.

BTW, although the Ashcroft deal was national news, The Record did not cover it. Can't bite the hand that feeds ya? Christie & Associates Media Relations