City Lost 6,000 Rent-Stabilized Apartments in '06

New York City lost an estimated 6,022 rent-stabilized apartments in 2006, according to a new report from the city’s Rent Guidelines Board. Still, this represented 18 percent fewer rent-stabilized apartments than were lost in 2005.

The city now has roughly 1,043,000 rent-stabilized apartments, and 43,000 rent-controlled ones. Also, another 308,000 apartments fall under some other sort of regulation, and about 697,000 apartments are market-rate.

The net estimated loss of 6,022 rent-stabilized apartments came during a year of near-record home-planning in New York. The city issued 30,927 permits in 2006 for new housing units, the second most annually since 1972 (2005 being the top year since then). City Lost 6,000 Rent-Stabilized Apartments in '06