Crump’s ex-Chief of Staff indicted

Keith Reid, who served as the Chief of Staff to Newark City Council President Mildred Crump until his arrest in October, was indicted today on charges that he took $13,500 in cash bribes to steer an insurance contract to an undercover FBI company. The Indictment also accuses Reid of conspiring with an Irvington Township official — identified only as Irvington Official 1 in the Indictment.

According to the Indictment, Reid was recorded complaining that he had not been paid by the company in several months. At the conclusion of a July 25, 2007 meeting, Reid allegedly accepted a $5,000 cash payment. Reid stated during the meeting: “I want you to be clear on something,” he said. “This is not a hustle … I got an initial payment in February. But since February, I have not gotten one red cent … You’re doing the hustle. You’re doing the dance. I can make things happen within my sphere to a certain point because I’m council president’s chief of staff. Full plate. And I have the kind of boss who’s very reliant on me and staff.”

U.S. Attorney Chris Christie's press release Crump’s ex-Chief of Staff indicted