Debates, Charity, NASCAR

Matt Drudge is reporting that CBS is about to cancel the December 10 debate. [Drudge Report]

Andrew Cuomo bars New York Power Authority from giving to charity, the rest of the utility companies may be next. [Times-Union]

Rudy Giuliani finally commits to the December 12th debate in Iowa. [Des Moines Register]

Rumor has it that Westchester legislator Mike Kaplowitz will challenge Assemblyman Greg Ball in 2008. [Albany Project]

A Hale House caregiver who appears in one of Giuliani’s ads says she never wanted to be in it. [Daily News]

Hillary Clinton’s campaign responds to criticism that her husband is her husband is rewriting his record on Iraq. [Hillary Clinton]

And on a holiday gridlock alert day, also be on the watch for NASCAR. [Streetsblog]


Debates, Charity, NASCAR