DeCroce criticizes Milgram

A brief filed by the Attorney General’s office sparked a sharp response from Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce today.

DeCroce was angry that the office made the procedural point that the Assembly Republicans could not serve as attorney for Assemblypersons Jennifer Beck and Sean Kean, who had filed suit to force Gov. Corzine to release an asset monetization study.

"I consider it insulting that the Attorney General's Office, in its brief, questions the ability of our lawyers to challenge the Corzine administration's refusal under the Open Public Records Act to release the data contained in this taxpayer-financed study,” said DeCroce.

DeCroce said that the Assembly Republicans’ lawyers had successfully challenged the McGreevey and Codey gubernatorial administrations, and added that Milgram had not done enough to tackle corruption in Trenton.

“The Attorney General's Office is doing next to nothing to fight political corruption and has an abysmal conviction rate on the few cases it has brought,” said DeCroce. “If anyone has consistently failed to prosecute political corruption and stand up for the taxpayers, that would be the Attorney General's Office."

Since putting out the press release, however, DeCroce spoke to Milgram, and the issue has since been “defused,” according to the Assembly Republican office. Milgram spokesman David Wald said that the Republicans had since corrected the error and no longer list the Assembly Republican Office as the attorney. DeCroce criticizes Milgram